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We’ve rounded up a sizzling selection of beautiful women to undress and admire while playing casino-style video poker. Your skills pay off, and the clothes come off as you win. Choose from the largest selection of girls you can imagine.

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We’ll start you off with one FREE timid PokerGirl just to tryout the game. You can add to your viewing pleasure at any time by visiting the girls section of our site. Full-motion, full-color complete video will add to your playing experience, as the PokerGirls® strip down to beautiful, bare skin. Don’t wait, download your FREE DemoGirl now!

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PokerGirl Strip Poker StoryThe Allure of the Girl Next Door The girl next door is not supposed to be extremely attractive. The allure of the girl next door is conveyed by the notion that they are normal, somewhat-average girls - real, authentic females that might actually be found in the actual world. You can watch TV and look at magazines to see smoking-hot women, and that eventually gets dull.

Models and movie stars exist in a world of fantasy. The girl next door is real and totally better than fantasy. You can talk to her, and if you are nice and you combed your hair, she might also talk to you. I believe that the extremely-attractive girl next door is nothing more than an urban myth. When I was growing up, the girl next door was my cousin and I would usually avoid her. She was not attractive. She enjoyed chasing me and threatening me with physical harm. My best friend thought she was attractive, he also ate paste. I didn’t experience another girl next door (attractive or otherwise) until I was in my 20’s. At that time I was a part-time student living in a college town. This was as good as it ever became. There was an apartment next door and every college semester a new student would move in. Sure, half of the students were young men, but there were a few girls who settled in while earning their degrees. These student girls were pretty in a robust sort of way, but not remarkably beautiful. A few extra pounds never bothered me, but masculine features did. One day I was downstairs from my apartment, working on my old broken automobile and I met one of the neighbor girls returning from class. From a distance she was rather delightful, but once she came close and we began to talk I noticed her beard. She was talking about a teacher whom she disliked, her voice echoed in the distance as my mind drifted. My eyes fixed on the forest of hairs surrounding her moving lips, and I wondered to myself if her chest might also have hair. It was always cold in this town and I became aware of more and more girls who grew an extra coat of body hair. So maybe this was a natural thing, maybe not so bad. Maybe I would adjust and begin to like girls with whiskers. This college town was far in the north, where it was cold and tough. Girls who grew up in this region were also cold and tough, but once upon a time, a southern girl came up from the city, moved in next door and, by contrast, she was warm and soft. This city girl was friendlier than the local girls, and I was drawn to her like a moth to flame. We became close, and over the course of a year, I watched her de-evolve into a burly primate. Even her sweetness faded and bitter, unpleasant attitude emerged rapidly. This happened after I suggested she shave sometimes. She informed me that she did shave – she shaved her legs once a week. With a gentle and consoling tone I informed her that her legs were very nice and that I was specifically referring to her moustache and goatee. Eventually I moved to a larger city and I suppose she returned to the forest where the other mountain gorillas live. Gradually, my fascination with the girl next door gave way to the necessary obligations of day-to-day life. But she’s always there wherever I go and I still notice the subtle and persistent beauty of the common girl. You can find her in the produce section of the grocery store, topping off her tank at the gas station, or at the checkout, buttoning up her blouse after she caught you inspecting for chest hair. The girl next door will always be there, charming our souls, entrancing our minds, and beautifying the world with their normal, somewhat-average, good looks.

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