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The Girls

We’ve rounded up a sizzling selection of beautiful women to undress and admire while playing casino-style video poker. Your skills pay off, and the clothes come off as you win. Choose from the largest selection of girls you can imagine.

Video Strip Poker The Game

We’ll start you off with one FREE timid PokerGirl just to tryout the game. You can add to your viewing pleasure at any time by visiting the girls section of our site. Full-motion, full-color complete video will add to your playing experience, as the PokerGirls® strip down to beautiful, bare skin. Don’t wait, download your FREE DemoGirl now!

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PokerGirl Strip Poker StoryThe Women of Broadcast TV Every town of a reasonable size has its own local television station. Most of those have a news service. To bring the news, these stations hire journalists. This is a highly-competitive occupation, and each station tries to find the most professional and attractive talent to produce and present the nightly news. For stations, the ratings, or number of viewers that the local news can draw determines the amount of money that station can charge for advertising. The monetary implication further drives the station to invest in news talent. Traditionally, the role of lead anchor was filled by an authoritative male journalist, while lesser jobs, such as co-anchor, went to attractive female journalists. An older male delivering the news creates the perception of authority and reliability, where an attractive female could more-easily be marginalized as “eye candy.” But eye candy has value also. When flipping through the channels, men are much more inclined to stop when they see an attractive woman. We have since entered an age where women can be both beautiful without sacrificing authority and intelligence. These triple threat talents have become the norm and local news is practically dominated with gorgeous women - bringing quality information to the masses. You may not enjoy watching a weather forecast, but what a great opportunity to enjoy the poise, charm, and curves of a hot, sexy woman rambling on about pressure systems. The weather segment is also special because it usually offers a full-length view of the messenger – you can observe the complete picture from top to bottom, and from multiple angles as she points and tries to direct your attention to various storm patterns. The women of broadcast are always putting on their best face, and pushing their form as they claw their way up through the markets. The ladder in television success is measured in markets. Bigger cities are closer to the top, with Los Angeles and New York commanding positions one and two. This is where the big money and fame resides, but few journalists make this far. If you are in the entertainment industry you career blooms and wilts like a flower. Younger women in their 20’s and 30’s are in their prime and fully blossomed – this is when they can climb the ladder up through the markets. Age eventually halts the spawn and opportunities in broadcast fade. Where do the news babes go? Some may settle into family life, some become go into radio, and others might find a cozy position in corporate marketing. Enjoy PokerGirl’s tribute to women of broadcast and appreciate all they do for us.

Available PokerGirls About the Game Support Login to your account

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